Feedback Form

As we come to the end of the training course, we would like you to participate in final evaluation by answering the questions below. Rate your instructor from 1 - 5: 1 being poor and 5 being Excellent

  Objectives of the training course:
  Were your expectations met?
  Was the lesson conducted in a professional manner?
  Was your instructor knowledgeable?
  Was the Length of training sufficient enough?
  Did he try to use different methods of teaching?
  Did you feel respected by your instructor?
  Did your instructor provide you with uninterrupted attention?
  Was your instructor patient with you?
  Was your instructor always on time?
  Was your instructor Clean and Neat?
  Did your Instructor demonstrate integrity (i.e. applying K53 when driving)?
  Did your instructor seem drunk at any given time?
  Did your instructor give you an opportunity to ask questions?
  Were your questions answered to your satisfaction?
  Did you still feel ready for the test after the assessment (For your last lesson with Mr. Moss)
  Would you recommend Thupello Driving Academy to your family and/or your friends?
  Other Comments & Recommendations: